Top 5 Ways to be a Better RV Neighbor

These are our top 5 ways for being a better RV neighbor. You may have others to add, so please leave a comment on our accompanying Facebook live video…

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | A Review

inflatable stand up paddle board review

Goosehill Sport was brave enough to reach out to us and ask us to review their new Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

We were excited because Lorena had been talking about wanting one for a while. Every now and then she just wanted to be able to go out on the water on her own….

Is Water In Mexico Safe To Drink | Safe RV Drinking Water

One of the most common questions we got when we visited Baja Mexico was, “Is the water safe to drink” and the short answer is NOPE! In the accompanying video on this subject, we talk about how we treated the water in Mexico to make it safe to drink. To be honest, the way we […]

RV Living Takes Us To San Diego | Balboa Park | Old Town San Diego

natural history museum airstream

There is no hiding the fact that we LOVE San Diego. Southern California, as a whole, has an amazing vibe that we find ourselves drawn to. Most of the bigger cities we could do without because of traffic congestion and smog but, there is something special about San Diego. Don’t get me wrong, they still […]