There is no hiding the fact that we LOVE San Diego. Southern California, as a whole, has an amazing vibe that we find ourselves drawn to. Most of the bigger cities we could do without because of traffic congestion and smog but, there is something special about San Diego.

Don’t get me wrong, they still have a ton of traffic, that can be a pain in the ass, but I think it’s the 1,200 acre park, smack dab in the middle, that helps ease any tension the traffic may cause.

San Diego’s Balboa Park

Originally there were 1400 acres of land set aside in 1868 for Balboa Park. San Diego civic leaders called it “City Park,” It lacked any formal landscaping or development for more than 20 years. (Today the park has been reduced to 1,200 acres.)

A woman named Kate Session, known as “The Mother of Balbo Park” offered to plant 100 trees a year in exchange for 32 acres within the park for her commercial nursery. She is responsible for birds of paradise, poinsettias and queen palms being introduced into the park’s horticulture. In fact, many of her original trees are alive and visible today.

The park’s named was changed to Balboa, in honor of Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa because San Diego was going to host the 1915 Panama-California Exposition and they thought “City Park” was kind of boring.

Balboa Park’s Museums

On the day we visited we only grazed the surface of museums that are available to visitors. We enjoyed the Natural History Museum, but there are literallys dozens of museums including, Centro Cultural de la RazaFleet Science CenterMarston HouseMingei International MuseumMuseum of Photographic ArtsSan Diego Air & Space MuseumSan Diego Art Institute (SDAI)San Diego Automotive MuseumSan Diego Hall of ChampionsSan Diego History CenterSan Diego Model Railroad MuseumSan Diego Museum of ManSan Diego Natural History MuseumThe San Diego Museum of ArtTimken Museum of ArtVeterans Museum at Balboa ParkWorldBeat Center.

If you love museums then Balboa Park has got you covered…of course, if you don’t like museums, I would avoid this place at all costs! 🙂

Balboa Park’s Other Attractions

The shear amount of stuff to do in Balboa Park is mind boggling. Here is a list to help you find something that might float your boat!

Performing Arts

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