My wife Lorena and I, were on our way to the Quartzsite RV Show in Arizona, to check out a motorhome or two, when we got the news.

We were approved for the financing on our new motorhome!

We had been searching for an RV for almost 6 months now. We finally found one that we not only liked, but felt we could afford, and was practical for what we needed.

Our first part-time RV experience.

We were heading to Quartzsite, to one of the biggest RV shows on the West Coast, to continue looking, just in case.

Now that we knew the coach we wanted was locked in, we could relax and see what else was available and make sure that the deal we got, was a good one.

The Quartzsite RV Show

Every January, thousands of RVer’s from all over the country, congregate in the middle of the desert, in the sleepy little town of Quartzsite Arizona.

Major RV dealers from all over the country, set up shop in Quartzsite to try and sell these RVer’s, a new coach, or some added accessories for their present RV.

As we rolled into town, we couldn’t believe our eyes. There were RVs parked all over the open desert for as far as the eye could see!

We knew we must of been in the right place!

The main part of the Quartzsite RV show, under the big top tent, was geared towards RV accessories, and a lot of trinkets for the older crowd.

We were hoping they would have had more actual RV accessories than potions, oils, and products to help ease the aches and pains of the aging RVers.

There were still an overwhelming array of products and services for everyone to see.

We decided to leave the big top and go check out the RV dealers, who were set up all over town.

We Had Made The Right Choice

Not only did we find out that we had made the right choice of motorhomes, we had also made the right choice to wear comfortable shoes.

We did a ton of walking!

We saw RVs in all shapes and sizes. From less-expensive used coaches, all away up to the half-million dollar monsters!

We found that our ideal coach will probably cost us between $120,000 and $150,000, with a dream coach coming in around $300,000-$400,000.

We can certainly dream can’t we?

Of all of the used motorhomes that we looked at, we didn’t find one that compared to the deal we got on ours.

That made us very happy!

Picking Up Our First Motorhome

Several days went by before we could finally pick up our coach. The anticipation was killing us… actually was just killing me.

When we finally got all the paperwork filled out and got the keys to our new motorhome. There was only one thing left to do.

Get out and use it!

We drove straight from the dealership to our house, through some clothes in the closets, and headed out to Lake Mead!

Our First Night In Our New Motorhome

It was getting pretty late as we headed out to the lake. We had to stop for some quick supplies.

We were totally unprepared for this making it all that much more fun!

By the time we got our supplies and started driving out to the lake it was pitch black.

We decided we’d boondock at the dry Lake near Boulder city, but will we got there we realized it was too dark to see where we were going.

We remembered they had remodeled the casino near the Hoover dam, and figured they would have a place for us to spend the night.

We were right!

Right across the street they had a huge open lot with other RVers and truckers already parked there.

We found ourselves a spot and settled in for the night.

It was awesome!

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

The next morning we got up, headed over to the Hoover Dam lodge for our morning coffee.

We did tell you we were totally unprepared correct?

Then we headed down the road to the Lake Mead national recreation area.

Before heading into the park, we bought an annual pass, which they call the America The Beautiful pass. It’s $80 and well worth it. It gets you into all the national parks for an entire year.

If you’re going to spend any time in an RV we highly recommend you buy the America The Beautiful pass.

We wound up in an area called the Government Wash, it’s an old boat launch area that is now closed because of lowered water levels.

We found out that it’s a very popular boondocking spot with the RV crowd. The really good spots are on dirt roads, but it’s all very motorhome friendly, in my opinion.

It’s a pretty desolate spot, which makes it all that much more cool!

We found a fairly level spot, with a great view of the lake, and no other RVers within a few hundred yards of us.

Exploring Government Wash

Once Lorena and I set up camp, and that only takes a few minutes in a motorhome, we went out for a quick hike down near the waterline.

It was a beautiful day, the water was crystal clear, and the air was nice and crisp. We highly recommend that if you’re going to visit this spot that you do so this time of year because in the summer it will be brutally hot!

On our way down to the water, we saw a pack of coyotes off in the distance. There were maybe four or five of them. Probably out looking for their afternoon meal.

We could see a lot of fish just offshore. And us without our fishing poles!

Once we got back to the motorhome, I collected some firewood, while Lorena prepared us some dinner.

After the food we went outside to kick back by the fire.

To say our first night in our motorhome was magical, is an understatement!

I don’t know what we enjoyed more, the fire, the stars, the howling of the coyotes, or just the fact that we knew there were many more nights like this to come.

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