The RV compartment locks on most RV’s are made of plastic and it’s not a matter of, if they are going to break, but when they are going to break.

No need to worry though because they can easily be replaced in about 5 minutes with a cordless drill and a couple of bits (maybe 10 minutes, done manually).

Required Expertise: BASIC

Tools To Replace RV Compartment Locks

You’ll need a basic set of tools. Your RV may be different, of course, but this will get you close:

  • Replacement compartment locks
  • Phillips head screwdriver (star)
  • Robertson head screwdriver (square)
  • Electric screw gun with phillips and robertson bits (if possible)

RV Compartment Locks Replacement Procedure

Remove screws from the RV compartment locks (2)

rv compartment locks robertson





Remove screws from the compartment latch cover (4)

rv compartment locks phillips





Unhook rod from compartment latch mechanism (this requires a little twisting, but don’t break the latch mechanism!)

rv compartment locks remove





Pull compartment locks and rod straight out of compartment door

Remove compartment lock from rod and replace compartment lock with new part

NOTE: Before re-installing everything you might add a little white lithium grease to all parts to keep lubricated.

Re-install RV compartment locks and rod back into compartment door

Hook rod back onto latch mechanism (this requires a little twisting, but don’t break the latch)

Put screws back into RV compartment locks

Put screws back into rv compartment latch cover


Test latch to make sure everything works without any binding.

This may be one of the easiest repairs you can do to your RV and more importantly it will keep your stuff from falling out of the storage compartment!

Did you see the video above? You can check it out at: Compartment Locks Video

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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