Goosehill Sport was brave enough to reach out to us and ask us to review their new Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. We were excited because Lorena had been talking about wanting one for a while.¬†Every now and then she just wanted to be able to go out on the water on her own. For a limited time we are celebrating Goosehill Sports 2nd Annivesary. You’ll get 10% OFF for Rainbow SUP Board (Save Extra $39.90) if you CLICK HERE to purchase your own inflatable stand up paddle board. After the 10% discount expires, you can still receive $20 off using the discount code TME20. If you are new to paddle boarding, we hope this video this will help you get up and running. It’s not an instructional video, but in it we give you a couple of things to think about when choosing an inflatable stand up paddle board for yourself. [embedyt][/embedyt]


Goosehill Sport told us that they use Super Construction Enhancement Technology to laminate and blend the traditional single layer board with an enhanced layer on each side to create a new layer. When you compare it with a double layer board, it is just as stiff and durable but thinner and lighter. That sounds pretty good to us! With the SCE Technology, this stand up paddle board is as lightweight and easy-to-transport as a single-layer board, but also as strong and durable as a double-layer board. They also use drop-stitch construction so the two layers are held together firmly and are able to withstand high pressure when needed. We found it to be extremely light and even Lorena was able to get it to and from the beach with ease! They also use “heat-fusion technology” that can help melt necessary parts into the surface of the board. This creates a firm connection between the parts and the board throughout its lifespan. This process makes manufacturing less expensive and they can turn that savings on to the customer.

Specifications of Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Model: Rainbow R Net Weight: 20.5lbs/9.3kg Board Size: 320*81*15 cm (10’6”*32”*6”)¬† Just in case you didn’t catch the huge lettering on the board! Lol! Max.Payload: 308lbs/140kg The two of us well exceeded this! Volume: 300L Max.Air Pressure: 27PSI Need to replace the compartment latches on your RV!? CLICK HERE!

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