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Paul and Lorena


We’re Paul & Lorena Charron.

The Motorhome Experiment was born out of our strong desire to get out and explore this incredible, diverse country, we are honored to live in.

Paul & Lorena Red Rock

“Live in an RV? Are you crazy!? Never in a million years”, Lorena told me!

It took a while to convince her (almost a year), but finally she saw the light and we bought our first RV!

We are Paul and Lorena Charron, a couple of suburbanites, who are used to all the comforts of home. We also love to get out and explore. Now we’re trading our 1,879 sq ft lifestyle for 240 sq ft, ON WHEELS! We want to share our story with the world and bring everyone along on our adventures, via THE MOTORHOME EXPERIMENT, our “rv living docu-vlog” on Youtube.

How The Whole “RV Living” Thing Happened

Like many American couples, Paul and Lorena enjoy their vacation time. And just like a lot of Americans they tend to vacation off the mainland and visit places like Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe.

Lorena made the mistake of leaving Paul alone for a few weeks while visiting her family in Mexico.

While she was away Paul started thinking.

Always a dangerous thing!

Their business was thriving and life was good, but he knew there was more than just work and something was missing

Paul realized that they loved the places they were traveling and some of the most incredible scenery they have ever seen, was during their annual motorcycle ride through the southwestern United States.

He also knew he would never convince Lorena to spend a year on a motorcycle, so he started looking at other options.

When Lorena arrived home he presented her with the idea of traveling the United States in a motorhome.

Lorena was very reluctant at first, but eventually agreed to giving it a shot for ONE year.

The Motorhome Experiment was born!

We hope you’ll join us on our journey of these United States and beyond.

If you see us out on the road or you have suggestions on where we should visit next please feel free to shoot us an email on our Contact page.

We’ll see you somewhere in America!


This adventure started with a thought and an extremely vague plan of where we wanted to go. It has turned into a journey beyond our wildest dreams!


When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.