RV Living Takes Us To San Diego | Balboa Park | Old Town San Diego

natural history museum airstream

There is no hiding the fact that we LOVE San Diego. Southern California, as a whole, has an amazing vibe that we find ourselves drawn to. Most of the bigger cities we could do without because of traffic congestion and smog but, there is something special about San Diego. Don’t get me wrong, they still…

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RV Compartment Locks Replaced In 5 Minutes!

rv compartment locks replaced in 5 minutes

The RV compartment locks on most RV’s are made of plastic and it’s not a matter of, if they are going to break, but when they are going to break. No need to worry though because they can easily be replaced in about 5 minutes with a cordless drill and a couple of bits (maybe 10…

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RV Living: “You Want To Live In An RV?”

RV living isn’t for everyone and I’m sure everyone has different reasons, when it comes to why they chose to live the RV lifestyle.” Some people may choose rv living because they figure it’s cheaper than living in a house. Others may choose it because they just retired and they want to go on an…

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RV Living: Our First 24 Hours In Our First Motorhome

rv living motorhome styling

My wife Lorena and I, were on our way to the Quartzsite RV Show in Arizona, to check out a motorhome or two, when we got the news. We were approved for the financing on our new motorhome! We had been searching for an RV for almost 6 months now. We finally found one that…

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Welcome to Our RV Living Blog!

I want to welcome you to The Motorhome Experiment. RV living is something we never thought we’d ever do, but never say never! The Motorhome Experiment couldn’t be a more appropriate name for the adventure we are about to embark on. My name is Paul and I am a farm boy from Ontario Canada. My…

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